Custom Orders

Nothing says lovin' like a custom quilt - the colors, shapes, size, fabric choices, personalization... the possibilities are endless! Quilts that are 44" squares or smaller will take 6-8 weeks to make, depending on the complexity and quilting desired, once we've settled on a design. Larger quilts will take longer, but I am always willing to work with you on any deadlines you may have.

Quilts always are made with 100% quality cotton and the binding is hand-finished for that extra special touch. I would love to work with you to design and make that one-of-a-kind, show-how-much-you-care gift for a loved one. Email me at lydia at serendipitijoy dot com. Let's talk!

Some samples

Made for a family's first baby boy. I knew I wanted to use a very fun cowboy fabric that I had. I carefully cut out the various images from the pieces of fabric and made them into squares. Then using an improv approach, I designed around the squares and created the pinwheel blocks and log cabin blocks as needed. The final touch was adding a block with the boy's name right in the quilt.
For Cohen

Made for the first-born in another family. I wanted to make something super playful and so thought about using triangles to create hexagon shapes. For fabric choices, there is a fantastic zoo near where the family lives and who doesn't like elephants? So I used a super fun zoo print interspersed with some other great cotton fabrics. As for colors, a day at the zoo should be fun, so I wanted to use light, bright colors like blues, greens, and yellows.
For Zachary

Donated as an item in a silent auction, the winner asked me to make a Cal-themed baby quilt for friends who were expecting a baby boy. We settled on a design and some general guidelines about the fabric design. I heard that the quilt was a big hit at the baby shower.

Made for a couple expecting their fourth child. The requested theme was nautical. I found this great panel and built and the quilt around it. In this case, less was more. As a final touch, I embroidered the boy's name on the boat. The recipient loved it and that is all that mattered.
For Noah

Made for a couple expecting their first baby, I wanted to make the quilt special and celebratory. The requested theme was nautical, and so I incorporated the use of flags to spell out the boy's name. The couple loved the quilt.
For Jack
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