Sunday, June 24, 2012


Just a word that my gmail account was hacked, which led to my etsy and paypal account being hacked as well. So, that's why my etsy store now is closed permanently as a precaution against bad purchases from people impersonating me. Sad.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Circle Skirt from MADE

Using this fantastically simple, but well-executed tutorial, I made two skirts for my nieces and succumbed to Disney's remarkably effective marketing to little girls. The marketing gurus at Disney are genius.

It's a little touch, but I'm quite proud of the lace trim.

Sadly, I ran out of lace and so the second skirt seems quite plain Jane in comparison.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Comfort Zones and Color Play

Several years ago, in a fit of experimentation and desire to go outside my comfort zone, I bought this role of batik fabric strips thinking that I was going to make some really amazing quilt. Didn't happen.

Instead, the fabric strips just took up space. Now that space for storing fabric is at a premium, fabric needs to go. Using this super easy pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company, I took the strips and some other fabric just taking up more space to piece a quilt top that is full of colors I don't normally gravitate toward.

But I think the top came out okay and going with that mottle solid-like blue helps calm the quilt and keeps it from being overly busy. The other thing I'm trying to do when working with fabric I don't particularly care for is use it all up as much as possible.

So leftover pieces have been used to piece a smaller top that I think will become a table runner or really oversized trivet:

and placemats:

They can go to a good home if I can find one. After all, as beautiful as batiks are, they are not everyone's first choice for decor. Certainly not mine, but it is fun to stretch creatively with colors.

Sometimes you just have to allow things to sit. The quilt top, once quilted, turned a-ok after all.

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